03 Dec

Three books “Musikunterricht mal anders” to come out on Lugert

A few weeks ago, the first two of three volumes of this teacher-book came out, which contain ready-planned music lessons for secondary school: “note values and rhythm taught differently” (part 1) and “harmony and melody taught differently” (part 2). On February 25 2020, part 3 is following: “Musical forms and structures taught differently”. Apart from ready-planned lessons, the books contain a huge amount of teaching- and learning materials, which can also be used separately. In the books, topics of the typical music curriculum become applied to Pop music and theory becomes linked with real and authentic musical problems (e.g. what do I do, if the song I want to sing is too low? How do I transpose? Which skills are necessary to do so?) The books can be ordered through all bookshops and via the Lugert-Shop. Aside from writing the books, I also produced most of the tracks on the accompanying CDs.