Current Hit: “El Perdón” (MuU 121)

Journal: Musik und Unterricht
Volume 121, 4th Quarter 2015, P. 6-15.
Lugert Verlag

Here it is: the first current hit hat has been selected by “Musik und Unterricht” readers online. The numerous ways of incorporation “El Perdón” into the music classroom are surprising and promise to be a lot of fun. The Latin-American background of the song is an interesting link for thematic work in the music classroom. This article does not only make practical suggestions for the practical work with the song, but also provides profund additional material about rhythm and the evolution of styles. 

For 2 double lessons


  • Leadsheet (transposed)
  • classroom-arrangement (transposed)
  • percussion-arrangement
  • evolution of a style: Reggaeton
  • typical patterns of different styles
  • tabs and graphics
  • lyrics
  • suggestions for thematic implementation into the curriculum