Gomd: Alter Ego

Band: Gomd

Titel: Alter Ego
Release: Album, 2006, Space Bee Records (buy)


01. Superstart
02. From the Start
03. Little Nation
04. Outland
05. In my Home
06. Cows & Dogs
07. How D’You Know
08. Collide
09. Below
10. Have It All
11. At Last
12. Waste It
13. Learn To Choose

Vocals: Dorit Jakobs
Guitar, vocals: Jan Lange
Guitar: Benjamin Mautz
Bass: Jörn Lange
Drums: David Mautz

Music by Dorit Jakobs, Jan Lange, Benjamin Mautz, Jörn Lange and David Mautz. Lyrics by Dorit Jakobs.